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County Provides Funding to Launch KI Library Expansion

The Queen Anne’s County Commissioners voted to include $325,000 in its FY2018 budget for the planning and design of an expansion of the county’s Kent Island library, matching a grant from the State of Maryland to support this project, which will now launch in late 2017.

As noted by the Bay Times,

“Throughout the public (budget) hearings at Bayside Elementary School, the Liberty building and Sudlersville Middle School, employees, patrons and friends of the Queen Anne’s County Library System came out and urged the commissioners to approve funds for a library expansion project.

The system had received a grant from the state in the amount of $325,000 that required a matching component from the local level. At the time of the public hearings, the commissioners had not put the necessary dollars in to fund the project, which caused loads of people to speak out.

The final budget includes the matching $325,000 for architectural and engineering work. The commissioners funded the expansion project on the condition the library presents three options for the renovation project before moving forward. The options are to include various buildout sizes.”

The Friends of Queen Anne’s County Library looks forward to supporting this library expansion effort!

Full Bay Times article here

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